Tom Ellis - Sundries Of Sundays (2006)

House, Ambient
Full Download (MP3 zip)

To kick the netlabel off, we have an LP from Tom Ellis, showcasing his slower, deeper productions…

  1. A Week Left
  2. Just Another Choice
  3. Poverty Stricken
  4. Four Squares
  5. Magnetic Spikes
  6. Lost Again
  7. Come Back Sun


Tom Ellis - Cats Like Computers (2006)

House, Ambient
Full Download (MP3 zip)

Tom Ellis offers up another LP of his downtempo productions…

  1. A New Page
  2. Missed It
  3. Rewritten
  4. Leaping
  5. The Calming Rays
  6. Scared of the Bark
  7. Plain or Peanut
  8. Demonstration
  9. Q-Marks


Various Artists - Away With The Pixels (2006)

House, Ambient, Tech House
Full Download (MP3 zip)

A various artists compilation, featuring tracks from Leif, Tom Ellis, Screaming kids (aka Tom & Joe Ellis), and Artman….

  1. ETA (Leif)
  2. More to Life Than a Minor 9th (Screaming Kids)
  3. Penduncular (Joe Ellis)
  4. Making Toast (Artman)
  5. Crows Feet (Ekkis)


Ekkis - Ekkis (2007)

House, Experimental, Deep House, Future Jazz
Full Download (MP3 zip)

The debut LP from Ekkis (aka Tom Ellis). Downtempo house and triphop. Free download.

  1. Fine By Me
  2. Bore
  3. Perception
  4. Rainbows
  5. Grand
  6. Concave
  7. Machine Beat
  8. Up a hill


Ekkis - The Yawn That Caused The Semitone Drop (2007)

House, Deep House
Full Download (MP3 zip)

Minordust presents the second album from Ekkis (aka Tom Ellis). Deep, lounging house for sunny days…

  1. There is no fear
  2. Better than life
  3. New Office
  4. Invasion
  5. Travel Guide
  6. Changing a Belief
  7. SQ
  8. Whytechnology
  9. Dogs
  10. Rooting Through


Soulstatedub - Early Daze (2007)

Future Jazz, Dub, Downtempo, Breaks
Full Download (MP3 zip)

The debut LP for Soulstatedub (aka Tom Ellis). Dubbed out & deep productions.

  1. The Dull & Rainy Morning
  2. Soulless
  3. Dubstate 2
  4. RG
  5. The Further East
  6. E Voice
  7. V Thing


Ekkis - 390 Degrees With Ease (2007)

House, Deep House, Minimal
Full Download (MP3 zip)

The third downtempo house LP from Ekkis (aka Tom Ellis).

  1. 390 degrees with ease
  2. Lame terms
  3. Seeing us
  4. Hung out
  5. On my soul
  6. Fields
  7. Dinner


Keinzweiter - M (2008)

House, Minimal, Abstract, Techno
Full Download (MP3 zip)

A beautifully mellow 3 track EP from Keinzweiter (aka Tobias Lorsbach).

  1. Magnolia
  2. Mircoobee
  3. Moriaan


Offtopic - Half Full Empty (2009)

Ambient, Experimental, Abstract
Full Download (MP3 zip)

Debut Offtopic (aka Sven Laux) release. Experimental glitchy soundscapes from Germany.

  1. Hej
  2. Jih
  3. Nu
  4. Ra
  5. Tu


The Soulstatejazz Band - Odyn (2009)

Future Jazz, Avant-garde Jazz
Full Download (MP3 zip)

A new project by Tom Ellis, exploring electronic jazz and swing. Live guitar, 6-string bass, moog, piano and rhodes playfully fused with analog drum machine sounds…

  1. State Of Fact
  2. Have Been Haircuts
  3. Hard Of Hearing
  4. John Glenn’s Fire Flies
  5. Human Does
  6. The Past Tense
  7. Calling Cards


Soulstatedub - The Benn Remixes (2010)

Future Jazz, Dub, Downtempo
Full Download (MP3 zip)

A collection of reworked tracks by Tom Ellis, under his Soulstatedub guise. The original material came from Cardiff-based singer/songwriter Benn Willis’ home recordings, and were moulded into a unique and moody LP.

  1. Peace Of Mind
  2. My Life
  3. It’s Been Time
  4. Come Together
  5. Stuck to the ground
  6. Wait till tomorrow


Certified 35 - The Rain Never Stops (2011)

Dub, Trip Hop
Full Download (MP3 zip)

Minordust presents the debut release from Certified 35, a dubbed out trip hop project from Leif (Trimsound / Fear of Flying / Boe Recordings / Moon Harbour). The release is a fine example of Leif’s musical ability, with live guitar, shakuhachi and congas. Soulstatedub (aka Tom Ellis) provides a remix of the title track.

  1. The Rain Never Stops
  2. Outside The Scope
  3. A Side Serving Of Good Fortune
  4. The Rain Never Stops (Soulstatedub Remix)


Siavash Ghanbari - Untuned Memories EP (2011)

Dub, Downtempo, Abstract, Trip Hop, IDM
Full Download (MP3 zip)

Presenting Toronto based Siavash Ghanbari’s debut release under this guise. A talented man who’s productions span many genres, but here and now he focuses on the deeper more melodic works. You can find more from this fine artist at SoundCloud. Cover photo by Daniel Villate.

  1. Baiser
  2. Shugashuga
  3. iNuisance
  4. Untuned Memories


Ekkis - The Toronto Album (2011)

Deep House, Downtempo, Techno
Full Download (MP3 zip)

A cancelled gig led to a spare week, which led to a bunch of field recordings from around the city, which led to this album. Nearly all the sounds you hear were sourced from the people, places and inanimate objects in the city, from bicycles and cake pans to construction workers and tramps.

Big thanks to Jesse Morrison, Sarah Lamb, Zaid Edghaim, Sia Gee, Alicia Hush, Nadir Agha & the rest of the Hushlamb crew for making it happen.

Written & Produced by Tom Ellis.

  1. Catch the Transatlantic Pigeon
  2. If She Wants You Back
  3. Spare Week On Wellington
  4. Six Missing Lyrics and Seven Cows
  5. The Gang’s On Seven
  6. Stair Wells and Cake Pans
  7. The Man In The Concrete Sphere
  8. The Russian Doll Effect


Keinzweiter - The Oceans Between Us (2012)

House, Minimal, Abstract, Techno
Full Download (MP3 zip)

Keinzweiter returns to Minordust with a deep house vibe, some dusty chords and some sweeping arpeggios. Remixes kindly provided by Tilman Schwarz Klamauk, Tom Ellis, and Leif, under his Certified35 guise.

Visit for more amazing music from Keinzweiter (aka Tobias Lorsbach, Lavajaz).

Cover art by Jude Lau Printhaus.

  1. Pariha’s End (Original Mix)
  2. Pariha’s Manifest (Original Mix)
  3. The Ocean Between Us (Original Mix)
  4. The Ocean Between Us (Tilman’s Sobieski Remix)
  5. Pariha’s Manifest (Tom Ellis remix)
  6. The Ocean Between Us (Leif’s Certified35 Remix)
  7. Pariha’s Manifest (Keinzweiter Remix)